Homescapes is a match-3 puzzle game, where you try to put three or more of the same pieces beside each other to clear them from a board. The game’s objectives involve clearing pieces in different situations and sometimes, special conditions.

To clear the board faster, there are various Boosters in Homescapes to help you. There are six Boosters in the game. You can choose among three Boosters before the start of a level to give you a head start. The other three Boosters, you could use in the middle of a level.

homescapes boosters

Use Boosters when you’re in a bind, but make sure you don’t run out of them early on!

The three Boosters you could choose from at the start of a level are:

Rainbow Ball: This will let you start with a Rainbow Ball Power Up on the level, allowing you to clear a lot of pieces early on.

Double Planes: What’s better than one Plane? Double the Planes! All the Plane Power Ups you make by matching four pieces into a square will send two Planes instead of just one.

Bomb and Rocket: Similar to Rainbow Ball, this lets you start a level with a Bomb Power Up and a Rocket Power Up. These are very useful when the level has many walls or jelly.

Meanwhile, the three Boosters you could use during a level are:

Hammer: This Booster lets you break a tile, or weaken an obstacle. Hammer is very useful in clearing tiles in corners or hard to reach areas.

Sledgehammer: This Booster clears a whole row and column of tiles at the same time. Use this whenever you need to lay carpets or drop donuts to the bottom of the screen.

Glove: This Booster lets you swap the places of two tiles. You could use this to put two power ups beside each other, allowing you to combine them for awesome effects.

You’ll get introduced to Boosters early in the game, but you should keep them until you’re around level 100. The levels before 100 should be easy enough for you to finish without using the Boosters.