Clearing blocks three tiles at a time won’t get you very far. You should make use of power ups to clear as many tiles as you can on each turn.

A quick recap on how you get power ups in the game: Matching four in a row or column will give you Rockets; four in a square will give you Planes; five in an L-shape or cross will give you a Bomb; five in a row or column will give you a Rainbow Ball.

homescapes rainbow ball plus planes

Rainbow Ball + Planes is my personal MVP for Homescapes.

Using power ups will remove many pieces on the board, helping you clear the level easier. Swapping two power-up positions will combine their powers and will trigger bigger and more awesome effects.

My personal favorite is when you combine a rainbow ball and a plane. This will turn all pieces of a particular type into planes, which will immediately fly to different parts of the board. Since planes target pieces and elements that need to be cleared to complete the level, sometimes just doing this once is enough to finish everything. Aside from being really powerful, it’s also really cool to watch!

Mixing and matching power ups will give you a massive boost in progress, but there’s also a right time to do this. For example: mixing rockets with a bomb will let you clear a lot of cookies easily, but given the same situation, mixing two rockets won’t clear as many blocks because rockets can’t go through cookies. Become familiar with how the power ups work so you can learn the best time to use them.