While there are literally thousands of levels in Homescapes, the game is kept fresh and interesting with the introduction of new Elements. New updates of the game extend the story by revealing a new location in Austin’s childhood home, which will usually be paired with a brand new Element. You don’t have to worry about running out of content in this game.

It may be scary for players to encounter new Elements for the first time. It can be hard to figure out how to finish these levels, so here are some tips on how some to deal with some of the most common Elements in the game.

homescapes tips

When you encounter a new Element for the first time, don’t panic! Learn how they work and you’ll be fine.

Donuts: Donuts appear for the first time on level 18. The objective of these levels is to get the Donuts to the bottom of the screen. The easiest way to deal with this is by making vertical rockets, which will make Donuts fall down, or by using Sledgehammers.

Carpets: Don’t waste time matching pieces on tiles without the carpet. Even Rainbow Balls are ineffective here if they are used on tiles without a carpet. At the start of the level, find the tiles with the carpet, and try your best to make matches on them. Planes are effective here to help spread the carpet between two faraway tiles, while Bombs and Rockets help in spreading the carpet faster.

Boxes: First encountered on level 22, they start out as minor annoyances and then evolve into hard to destroy blocks in later levels. Don’t bother using paper planes when they’re around, as they have little effect. Try to destroy boxes using bombs and rockets, or a combination of the two.

Simple Walls: Walls that you can destroy appear on level 71. They’re a pain to deal with because they prevent you from moving pieces the way you want them. To get rid of Simple Walls, you need to use power ups. Bombs, Rockets, and Paper Planes all do well against Simple Walls. Many other Elements you encounter later on also require the use of power ups just to get rid of them, so keep that in mind.

Oil: It spreads fast, and it will overrun the board if you don’t do anything! Dealing with oil is a messy affair, but focus on getting power ups and activate them one after the other to get rid of oil once and for all.