When presented with a brand-new level, don’t just go ahead and match tiles aimlessly. First, look at the board and understand it. Remember, the game is a puzzle, and there’s a solution to it. You won’t get far swapping pieces randomly without a plan.

homescapes strategy

Strategize. In this level, for example, you’ll have to spread the carpet, but it’s only present in the middle. Think of a way to open the middle tile immediately, and how you can spread the carpet from there once it’s open.

As you play more levels, you get introduced to new concepts, new objectives, and even new Elements. You’ll have to familiarize yourself with how things work as you progress through the game. Make it a habit to analyze the board before moving tiles, so that you’ll always be making the best move every turn.

For example, if you see a level full of cookies, then you’d know that you should prioritize making bombs instead of rockets. Cookies crumble when a bomb explodes, but rockets lose steam as soon as they hit a cookie. On the other hand, a level full of jelly is the perfect time to use rockets. Keeping these things in mind will help you strategize better in the game.

This tip is especially important for your first try of a level. The game will usually give you free boosts when you try a level for the first time. From level 26 and above, once you’ve completed the task Open the Package, you will get additional rewards for completing levels on your first try. This means that you should be brewing strategies right on the first try of any level.