Getting infinite lives becomes a big deal late in the game, because that means you will be allowed to keep trying levels you get stuck on. But you might as well just end up spending the whole 30-minutes without completing a level. So how can you make sure that you’ll be able to finish the level immediately?

homescapes gift

Collecting gifts is a great way to get Infinite Lives.

You could save time by quitting a tough level halfway through. Usually, you will lose a life for doing this. But with infinite lives, you can keep quitting hopeless situations as much as you like—and try again and again. If, for example, you need to fill the board with carpet and you only have ten turns left with barely any of it covered in green, you can restart instead of letting yourself run out of turns.

Remember, time is of the essence here. The infinite lives bonus is a great momentum-builder in the game, so be mindful of time when you have one equipped. Don’t waste it trying to complete impossible levels. Quit and retry until you finally get it.

homescapes wild west

Events are a great palette cleanser from the thousands of levels that Homescapes has.

There are more Elements to discover in the game, but you’ll be experienced enough to solve them on your own by the time you meet them. The important part is that you enjoy the experience that Homescapes gives you – a calm and lighthearted puzzle game that rewards you with home décor for your mansion.

While the story isn’t exactly Oscar-worthy, Austin’s adventures in his own home trying to fix broken furniture and renovating ceilings is a fun and lighthearted one. There’s a diverse cast of wholesome and interesting characters who visit Austin’s home every day, and they always bring something new to the game. Keep playing Homescapes and discover all the secrets of Austin’s home, and you might just be able to convince his parents to keep the house forever!