Diamonds Free Fire

Well technically you can’t really earn “free diamonds easily” but still you can earn a few like 2 or 5 or even 10 if you have some luck.

Anyways they won’t help much since you will eventually find nothing to purchase with at least 20 diamonds (unless you have 25 you can purchase weapon skins which would also be a time base weapon skin!).

Now earning free diamonds depends on each season. Since it is easter season you can earn diamonds from bunny’s egg which you can redeem for 15 blue eggs and 2 red eggs. Maximum a player can redeem is 6 so be careful to utilise it before others utilise it! Now i advice you to use bunny’s egg at classic if you don’t want almost every player to run for it. Start a classic match. Before the game starts all the players will be on a common island. Here’s your chance, keep a close watch on the time and quickly distance yourself from the other players and plant the tree close to you. Run into the lucky tree you planted and quickly stop when an option appears. Click Ok.

Then that’s it you will get gifts but don’t expect it to be diamonds only, you will mostly get 20-50 coins or 100 if you have at least a bit of luck.

If you are expecting diamonds it would be very rare like in all the 6 bunny eggs you plant, you can only get like 2 diamonds from 1 bunny egg and that too if lady luck had felt pity for you.

If you want to earn more, you might need to depend on other players.

Start a match in ranked mode or sometimes you can try solo modes (but don’t expect the beginners to have a bunny egg like the ones in ranked mode) Now before the match start’s you’ll will be in a same place.

Look at the right hand of every player and be quick (at least be a pro in running into a lucky tree).

If you notice something glowing in their hand that’s it-it’s a bunny egg.

Be close towards the player and when the player is about to plant. be in front facing the player. If you are too lazy to do this wait for a message to appear on the top of the screen.