You can regularly check the security cameras inside the security room that indicate who is walking down the hall or entering a room.

here you know if they are leaving this room on your own, or you can catch the thief who committed the crime in the Lobby where the cameras are focused.

The scammer is not focused on getting a job done and wants to isolate and kill a crew member.

To get away from that, you can be aware and do your homework as soon as possible and look at the surveillance cameras to catch the culprit.

You can take turns with your friend, but are you sure he can be trusted?
The game involves betrayal and instant judgment.

The less the crew member lives, the higher the chances of catching the cheater.

On the contrary, the less the crew member lives, the greater the impostor’s chances of winning.

So there is literally no mutual benefit.

If you are new to the game and just looking for a game that lasts 5-10 minutes, we recommend making it perfect for you.

There are cosmetics in the game that require microtransactions.

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