Here’s How to Update the Latest Version of Sakura School Simulator 1.036 – Sakura school simulator just released a new update a few days ago. There are many new and interesting things that will make players even more excited. Sakura school simulator is a simulation game where the main character is a school student named Sakura. This game is quite popular among young women in Indonesia. Many interesting things can be done in this simulation game. Regarding this, this review will discuss an easy way to update the latest version 1.036 of the sakura school simulator game, check this out.

As the title suggests, players will be able to simulate school life from the main character, Sakura. Not only do school activities, but players can also date and get married. All thanks to the game’s extensive story settings. So that it makes players, especially women, feel at home for a long time playing the game. Not only do life simulations, but there are also interesting missions and events that must be completed in the game. By completing missions, you can get various prizes. Every event is also a pity to miss because it is fun and gives attractive prizes.

There are two ways that can be used to update the latest Sakura School game version 1.036. The first way is to update via the Google Play Store, by opening the Google Player Store in the search field, typing the search word Sakura School Simulator. After that, click the Sakura School Simulator game, then the option button will appear to update. Just click the update button and wait for the process to finish. After that, you can play the latest Sakura school simulator game version 1.036.

The second way is to use the following link On the link there is a sakura school simulator game apk. Click the download button on the link, then install the application. When finished installing, open the game and log in with the ID you normally use to play. That way, you can play the latest version of the Sakura school simulator game.

In the new version 1.036 of the sakura school simulator game, some bugs have been fixed previously. Then there are new items, such as strollers, bed marry, baby bed, baby bottle, low poly trees, watermelon, enemy watermelon, and others. There are also new summer versions of costumes, namely maternity, happy coat, and others. There are also some new masks that are cute and unique. There are changes to the log house menu as well as several other new features. And there is a special Japanese festival event, which is held in front of the shrine, the taiko stage in the garden.

So, that was a review of how to update the latest version 1.036 of the Sakura School Simulator, as well as some of the updates in the new version. How easy is not the update way. By using the method above, you can make updates easily and smoothly. So many reviews this time, good luck.