Bop City

Bop City is the city that comes with the base game. All of the locations featured in Bop City were also in Toca Life: City, with the exception of the storage area. It has a tailor, a department store, a theatre, an apartment, a hairdresser, a food court, a post office and a storage area.

Location Info
Tailor The tailor is a clothing shop within Bop City. It is situated next to the theater.
Loft Apartment The apartment in Bop City includes a balcony, kitchen, bathroom, and a bed placed above a bookcase. It even includes a balcony! The location is next to the department store.
Hair Salon The hair salon in Bop City includes a front desk, an area to change your hair, and a area to dye your hair different colors. It is located next to the Department Store.
Department Store The department store in Bop City consists of 5 locations; A toy store, technology store, market, pet store, and a house decoration kiosk. It is located in the middle of Bop City.
Food Court The food court in Bop City consists of 7 restaurants including a sushi, stew,fast food, pizza, fish and chips, sweets, and noodle eatery. 4 seating areas complement these restaurants. It is located in front of the department store.
Theater The theater in Bop City includes a concession area, audience area, stage, and backstage. It is located adjacent to the tailor.
Post Office The post office in Bop City is a place where you can receive daily gifts. It is located in front of the loft apartment.
Storage Area The storage room consists of 4 smaller rooms and includes many clothes and objects. It is located in front of the hair salon.


  • When Toca Life: City originally released, it didn’t contain the tailor, theater, or post office! The tailor and theater were later added in subsequent updates, and the post office was finally added in 2017
  • Most of the Crumpets are located within the storage area. You can even find one by putting down a bowl of food!
  • Before it was a technology Store, a clothing Store used to be occupied in the department store.

Busy Plaza

Buzy Plaza is a CBD next to Bop City that is a large city and has a waterfront. It has a mall, a work building, a hospital, a furniture store, A diving/fishing underwater area, a seafood restaurant, an aquarium, a courthouse and an apartment.

OK Street

OK Street is a small street next to Busy Plaza. Most of the buildings are quite small. It features an apartment building with 4 separate apartments, a cafe,a after school area and a Crumpet Junkyard

Omelette Islands

Omelette Islands is a vacation spot with beaches and islands. Most of the locations are from Toca life: Vacation. It features a hotel, an airport, a beach, an amusement park, a storage area, a beachfront store area and a jungle.

Vox Valley

Vox Valley is a green valley with lots of sunflowers. It has a university and Wildlife

Lettuce Lands

Lettuce Lands is a rural/farm area. The locations are all from Toca Life: Farm and Toca Life: Stable. Lettuce Lands features a barn, a farmhouse, a supermarket, a field, a campground, a racing area, a horse store and a stable.

Morning Meadows

Morning Meadows is currently the smallest district along with the Creator’s District, with two locations a haunted house And a Harvest festival.

Tiptop Tops

Tiptop Tops is a school district with a school with a playground area and cafeteria, there is also a youth group, a daycare, two houses, a park and a police station.

Biscuit Town

Biscuit town is a small suburban area with a vet, a restaurant, 2 houses, a pet hotel, a pool, a supermarket, a pet store and a pet park.

Pom-Pom Peaks

Pom-pom peaks is the second vacation area to be added into the game. It is a cold area with snow and snow-related activities. It has 2 cabins, a dentist, and a ski store. The activities available are skiing, going to a hot spring, and ice skating.

Creator’s District

The Creator’s District has only one location, which is the character creator. Characters are still able to be created without buying the district, but there aren’t as many creation options.