• Mimicry: Siren Head has the ability to release sounds of news broadcasts, human conversations, sirens and screams. When mimicking a human, a distinctive distortion in the voices is always present, due to the sounds being played through sirens instead of vocal chords or other organic means of creating noise. One report claims that Siren Head was able to kill a group of people by mimicking their friend’s voice. Another post’s caption suggests Siren Head can use its broadcast to block out the cries of its victims. The latest sighting shows a five-headed Siren Head using its loud sounds to possibly kill off many people, as they were found with burst eardrums and soft tissues.
  • Strength: It is believed that Siren Head is extremely powerful due to its size. Siren Head is able to break down trees or various heavy objects at will.
  • Speed: In one sighting of Siren Head, a couple reported that Siren Head can be incredibly agile. The couple were driving home, until they saw the graveyard. They ended up checking out the grave, where they saw Siren Head. According to the story, Siren Head started running towards them at an extremely rapid pace.
  • Stealth: Some say, that Siren Head is a stronger-moving relative of trees, which is the reason why Siren Head can blend inside of a forest or behind a tree. It can stay motionless for days at a time to blend in with its surroundings, with Trevor mentioning on his Tumblr that Siren Head can cling to ceilings sometimes to make its body blend in with the wires and look like a PA system, stating that he might have used this tactic to take several people in Detroit. Trevor also mentioned that Siren Head makes no sound while moving, saying it can be “almost completely silent,” with yet another post saying it was able to move when someone’s back was turned without the person knowing.
  • Transformation: Siren Head appears to be a shapeshifter, being able to transform its head into functioning sirens and street lights. Trevor mentioned on his Tumblr that Siren Head once possibly disguiseed itself as a piece of home furnishing or pipes in the walls to kidnap a family of four. It was able to somehow take them from their home in its new form or lure them from without having to enter, as the only sign of their disappearance was the open backyard patio door. The latest sighting shows a multi-headed variation, which could either be a subspecies or the same Siren Head creating more sirens to kill off many more people. In some cases, Siren Head may also remove an individual’s organs. Trevor’s response to an ask on Twitter also states that it is possible that Siren Head “consistently changes,” or that its appearance could somehow be incomprehensible to humans, so our eyes see the closest approximation to its actual appearance. However, Trevor has left both interpretations open and has not confirmed either.
  • Disguise: One of Siren Head’s most unique traits is the ability to disguise itself as different pieces of urban detritus. Combined with its ability to change its body, it can be surprisingly effective in disguising itself as things such as telephone poles and lamp posts. Trevor has said that Siren Head can pop in its limbs towards its body, extend its midsection and even cover its arms with wires to disguise itself as a telephone pole, remaining motionless for days to sell the trick.

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