July 16th, 1995 – Chad Gewecke is found wandering the woods of Tanyard Creek in North West Arkansas. He is admitted with minor injuries and when questioned, he claims his friends were taken or killed by “something huge striding through the trees” that mimicked their voices.
~ Chad Gewecke about Siren Head on July 16th, 1995.
-Family of four missing from their suburban home this Thursday night, with no signs of a break-in. Neighbours reported the disappearance when they saw the backyard patio door was left open and no one answered the front door when they—
~ A quote describing what happened with a family after Siren Head came to them.
The rash of disappearances had two commonalities: It was always people walking the side streets on their way home from work, from some social outing and it was always dark by the time people started wondering where they were. It was always past when the street lights come on.
~ The description of Siren Head with a lamp for its head, nicknamed Lamp Head.
They’re still here. They’ve always been here.
~ The description of the picture which shows that Siren Head and Long Horse have existed since ancient times.
Photo recovered from an abandoned cell phone by father and son hikers in Yellowstone National Park, July 14th, 2016.
~ The description of another Siren Head photo.
-Visitors to the motel that night dismissed the item as a piece of “grotesque statue art,” according to “Goodnight Inn” manager Ann Garnicke, not knowing its appearance preceded a grim-
~ The description of yet another Siren Head photo, with him next to a motel.
For the– where am– next thirty– I ple– seconds,– ase I need– this– help– station will conduct a test of the emergency– can anyo– broadcast syst– ne hear me– em. This is only a– let me out– test. This is only a– out– test.
~ The description of what Siren Head possibly put through his sirens.
-Many residents were woken in the late hours the night before the incident, complaining of “sirens and garbled announcements” echoing across the lake—
~ The description of a picture of Siren Head next to a lake.
When I turned back, there was an empty…space, where the trees had been. Something had moved while my back was turned.
~ The description of a photo of Siren Head in the woods.

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