The game tends to give off a spooky feel. The graphics capture this atmosphere really well. However, they fail to compare to other games in the market. The character models are not done well enough, and the environments are fairly plain and bland. However, the developers have to be commended for the lighting effects. Considering the nature of the game, the lights both inside the buildings such as in the cafeteria as well as outside (such as in the playground) let the player know they are in danger, creating immersive gameplay. The sound design is very good as well. The music is enough to make you feel a little uneasy, but not scared. The tempo suddenly becomes really fast when you have been discovered by the ice cream man, and you know that you have to run right now. The best part of the sound is the ice cream man himself. He is quite obviously deranged, and he mutters continuously about how he is going to murder fat children. When you get caught and look through the window of his shed, you may find him staring back at you. Here, he will let out a laugh that betrays joy and excitement, and you truly believe that the ice cream man wants to end your life.