Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood is obviously a very well put and fleshed out game. However, there are a few nuances that make the game a little annoying at times. The first one is the control scheme. Objects are very difficult to interact with. You need to be standing right next to them, and aiming at them can be very hard. Not only that, but the joystick also feels very clunky when playing the game. This effect is especially emphasized when you are running away from the ice cream man. Lastly, due to the difficult nature of the game, you require clues more often than not to complete the puzzles. Sadly, you need to watch an ad every single time to receive a clue. In order to get complete information about an item or puzzle, you need to watch 3 ads. This is probably the first time I am saying this, but buying the ad-free version of this game might be worth it.