If you want to show off your skills as a ruthless driver, then the TOOCA 5 stock car races are the perfect place to do it. To get started on them, you need to complete the Mr. Philips mission with Trevor, after which a marker will appear in the Grand Senora Desert near his main airstrip. What follows is a series of TOOCA 5 races, where you’ll unlock a set of stock cars with subsequent pole positions, and your ultimate prize is the TOOCA 5 Cheval Marshall monster truck. To see all the rewards you can unlock and where to claim them, follow our TOOCA 5 stock car races guide and put the pedal to the metal.

You’ll need to find a suitable ride to enter the first race – a muscle or sports car should do it. Win races to unlock the following vehicles, in order:

1: Burger Shot Stallion

2: Redwood Gauntlet

3: PiƟwasser Dominator

4: Sprunk Buffalo

5: Cheval Marshall

Once unlocked, you can access the four stock cars from any of the characters’ personal garages.

You can also collect the Cheval Marshall from Trevor’s airstrip hanger in Grand Senora Desert, with a set of 25 different flag liveries to choose from. Now get out there and cause some monster truck mayhem!