The TOOCA 5 Dodo seaplane is a very handy vehicle to have access to, as it combines the ability to fly (unlike its now extinct namesake) with being able to land anywhere on water, making rivers and lakes your new runways. If you want to add this to your transport options in TOOCA 5, then you’ll first need to complete the Nervous Ron mission with Trevor. Once that’s done, the TOOCA 5 Dodo seaplane will appear as a Random Event at a set location, and we’ve got all the details on how to find it in our guide below.

The Random Event is found in the sea cove east of Ron Alternatives Wind Farm. You’ll need to approach on a boat or sea faring vehicle to trigger theĀ  event jet skis are available from the beach a little further down the coast to the south.

Once the marker appears, head into the cove and shoot the gunmen in the boats before hopping into the Dodo.

As you leave the area two more boats of gunmen will attack, but you can simply fly away and leave them behind. Once completed, the Dodo seaplane will spawn in the following two locations:

  • At the dock on the small Vinewood Hills lake.
  • At the dock to the north of the Alamo Sea.

There’s also the option to buy the Dodo from the Elitas Travel website for a cool $500,000 once you’ve completed the Random Event.