Sport Car

This car has a very clear advantage over the rest: it is the fastest vehicle in Free Fire. It’s true that it can’t withstand as many blows as others, but the top speed at which it reaches attracts all players who are speed lovers.

Don’t hesitate to drive one of these cars as soon as you find one, especially if you’re away from the safe zone. If you find this car, you’ll be able to explore with peace of mind, knowing that in a matter of a minute you’ll be halfway across the map.

Curious detail: as the sports car is very fast, if you hit a player who is on foot, he will fly away and have extra damage from the fall.


Monster truck

The Monster Truck is the biggest and toughest vehicle. It’s hard to destroy with gunshots and grenades, but the downside is that it’s a bit slow. As it is immense, if you manage to reach an enemy with this vehicle, it is usual to eliminate it from a single charge.

One thing to keep in mind is that you’ll almost certainly never find this 4×4 at the beginning of the game. As a general rule, Monster Truck will only appear at a few points on the map after being launched front airplane. Watch out for the skies:



This motorcycle has a perfect combination of speed and handling, which is why many players prefer it to other vehicles. However, it has the disadvantage of exposing the rider, so if you don’t go fast, you’ll be an easy target to hit.

The good news is that, because the motorcycle is small, it allows you to move more quickly and pass the places without a lot of problem



If you see this vehicle and you need to cross a river, don’t even think about it: use this amphibian. Driven by the water, this four-wheeled bike gives you total movement versatility across both Free Fire maps.

As you might expect, it’s often found near areas where there’s a river nearby. If you want to explore on a small island or something like that, do it without fear, as you can return to the main terrain without being exposed on the connecting bridges. Many are clever and wait on the other side of the bridge!

Also, as there is room for two people… the best vehicle to m freely in Duo mode!


Military Jeep

This military jeep is one of the most abundant vehicles on Free Fire maps, but it’s not very fast precisely. If you’re driving up a steep hill, you’ll notice that the jeep has a hard time overcoming the incline and, in fact, it’s common for you to end up going downhill.


Drive this vehicle if there is no other option. It’s true that the jeep can withstand a lot of shooting, especially if you turn your back on the shooters. The back of the jeep can get you out of more than one predicament!


Tuk tuk

The Tuk Tuk is a slow vehicle, weak and abundant in which areas. Never use it, unless you want to move quickly within the same village. Because it’s a bit narrow, you can get between houses, so even if it sounds ridiculous, it’s useful in chases.

If you want to quickly plunder small villages like the Bimasakti Strip going with the Tuk Tuk is a go option.



The vans are the other vehicle that is very abundant on maps. It has some resistance, moderate speed and gives decent protection to the driver. It’s a good option for getting from town to town, if you don’t need to go back to the safe area immediately